Debre Selam Kidist Mariam Church

Debre Selam Kidist Mariam Ethiopian Orthodox Church is warmly known as Mariam Church. The church is home to almost 2,000 adults, children and teenagers who worship throughout the week. The hidden gem is its tutoring program for children. When we first heard of Mariam Church’s Tutoring Program, they were having a summer carnival for the children. We signed up immediately to volunteer the next month. This is when we met Solomon T. He is a brilliant Professor, dedicated tutor and founder of the program. I was happy to discover his College Alma Mata is the same as mine. I recently learned that he has been tutoring for the last eight years. The students who graduated from the program were High School students in need of improving their grades. Solomon enlisted other volunteers from within and outside of the area to meet the growing needs of incoming students. A few of those volunteer tutors decided to go to the student’s homes so that the family does not have to travel. As for Solomon he continues to oversee the entire program. Math and Science is his specialty, although he could assist in tutoring any subject matter, except Chinese language, as one of our current students is taking for the foreign language requirement.

The founding students have since graduated and are now attending an array of colleges. Each year brings a new challenge but nothing Solomon is unable to handle. This year the ages of the students encompass Junior High School as well. Another dimension of the program has been the influence of Solomon’s science students at the university he teaches. By bringing both groups together with another fellow Professor; Mariam students and the University students have been able to attend trips, which have been awe inspiring. Also, the children and their parents really enjoy coming and pitching in however they can. Everyone wants to make the program succeed. Although the volunteers who have registered with the program are amazingly dedicated, we find that there is always a need for more volunteer tutors. The truth is the more the better.

Thanks to Solomon who really is a hero and mentor to kids and adults alike. It is an honor to know someone as self sacrificing as him. Solomon is impressive and dynamic. It is wonderful to see a male figure who genuinely has the welfare of other families in mind. His consistency is to be applauded. His dedication commended.

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