Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations! This is no easy fete. You should be very proud of yourself for graduating (or moving up to the next level) as you have worked extremely hard. I remember the sleepless nights, once in a while cramming of information for a midterm, sometimes seeing the material in what seemed to be a foreign language and wondering am I going to make it through this class, let alone the three or four I was taking at the same time. Sometimes I had to “fake smartness until I got an “A”, while some people made it look so easy. I had a couple of “C’s” which I called my diving board to my 3.8 GPA. Then there is a high expectation of family, leaving the teen age stage and having to pay bills! You may even fall in love or like, during this time. You may get your heart broken; feelings hurt and end up hurting someone else. Before you know it, its senior year and you are a champion.

Now you may want to start working or get a Master’s as some of us have, then your doctorate. Who knows? The truth, and secret is, the higher you go in education the easier it is. Why? Because you are building on what you already know. It’s like answering A), B), and C) of a question. You will always have support in your life you just have to look are around you. Anyway, Good luck in your future endeavors. As the next upcoming generation says, “You’re Boss”!


The Ethiopian Foundation

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