Non-Profit Self Evaluation

“The best-run boards take time to self-reflect. They think not only about their past successes but how they can improve their relationship with the staff, their donors, and each other. Well-run boards are not afraid to ask themselves the hard questions about themselves – and to continuously improve.”

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Article on Non-profit Self Evaluation

With all the deadlines, planning, updating, fundraising, follow ups and follow through of the organization it can be easy to overlook self evaluation of yourself. Evaluation of the group goal is always in the forefront. But it is a challenge to look at oneself to see what more can be done. Each member has a role as well. In another article researched on this topic, they asked the questions: Does each member know what their role is? Do they assume what their role is? Do they work together or independently of the group. Are they supportive in achieving the goal at hand?

A third article went as far as giving descriptive labels/names to personality types within a Non-profit organization. Which is part of the reflective question for, “How do other’s see me?”

These were all interesting and valuable reads. It adds to the challenge for facilitating a well-run board…but it can be done.

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