Bravery in Fundraising

From our last meeting in September the team has been giving their best to put their best foot forward and ask for donations. It takes a special person to ask strangers, acquaintances, neighbors, and coworkers to contribute money to someone they don’t necessarily know. Bravery comes from belief in the young scholar’s reputation, past performances, educational history, anecdotes of family members, vision for the student’s future, confidence from the student, knowing the passion the culture and so much more. With all these factors, courage is still needed to humble oneself on behalf of the applicant. They are not related to you yet there is an invisible connection that inspires you to go beyond your comfort zone; creating other methods and channels for reaching the goal. Fundraising is advocacy at its very best.

Currently, we are selling raffle tickets to those who we can reach. To those who we are unable to reach, we are asking for contributions made through this website. We are also planning a dinner in the near future. Until then we are hoping our outstretched arms will reach you to hopefully click the donation button and give whatever amount you can. None of the members get paid for their efforts. We organized and facilitate this non-profit out of the generosity of our hearts. These are students who desire to achieve their dreams at all cost and I am proud to be a part of their efforts. How about you?

Bravery comes in all sizes and from all walks of life. I commend you for your acts of courage and generosity.

The Ethiopian Foundation.

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