Thank You from TEF

Happy Holidays! We had a successful fundraiser for our scholarship recipient. Many influential persons were in attendance and we had a wonderful and bonding time through the personal talk with Dr. Ayele. He did a phenomenal job. It was great seeing all the influential Ethiopian elites who came to support our cause.

I want to thank the Team of TEF for making our first event a success. They are amazing and hand picked by fate and the powers above. Our next meeting will be in January to disperse funds and to set our project for “Ethiopia Giving”, our monetary gifts raised for helping organizations in Ethiopia who help mothers and children.

I can’t wait for our next batch of Candidates this Spring who will apply for TEF’s 2012 scholarship award. We will be also announcing the organization(s) in Ethiopia who will be voted as the next recipient of benevolent funds. Thanks for your continued support.

The Ethiopian Foundation

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