The Ethiopian Foundation

All the members were present and excited to attend our first meeting. It was a cold day in September and kind of dreary outside. We all arrived at the Martian Luther King Jr. Library, in DC, ready to get our hands dirty and to hear our guest speaker, Nathaniel Fikru. He brought his mother who appeared to be a gentle and warm person. She expressed her gratitude to those in the room, who were looking to raise money to help her son through college.

After Nathaniel’s moving speech and interview of questions from our panel, a fundraising event was suggested before the end of the year. We dubbed the Scholarship as a “Text Book Scholarship Fund”. I believe we will be the first to have this descriptive nomenclature for our continued mission work. Please look forward to our first fundraising event projected December 3, 2011. The location is TBA.

The Theme will be the same as our over all mission, “The Making of a Scholar”. I hope you will join us for this monumental event. Thank you for your continued support and comments to our site.

The Ethiopian Foundation Team
Michael, Solomon, Dejen, Tesfa, Teru, Lulit, Ermias, & Hirut


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