The Ethiopian Foundation (Part I)

We at The Ethiopian Foundation (TEF) are happy to announce our first year of providing Scholarships within the Ethiopian community. We first started our mission two years ago by providing contributions to those vulnerable in Ethiopia. This year we are branching out and providing scholarships to Ethiopian students within the DC/VA/MD Metropolitan area, those who have worked hard during their academic year, and are dedicated to helping their community by giving back to the next generation. So far we have selected two candidates. The first is Nathaniel Fikru.

Nathaniel Fikru-Scholarship Candidate

This young man is amazing. He wants to change the world through Engineering and Robotics. He is a Student Tutor at the Mariam Program featured earlier this year. He plans to go back to Ethiopia and help build his country. Upon meeting him last fall, he appears shy but he is dynamic. I remember my first meeting with him was the attitude of “what can we do to help the students increase their grades”. He called up a classmate on his cell phone and invited him to become a student tutor. The classmate asked if he could also bring another school mate with him to the tutoring center. Nathaniel first asked, “How’s his grades?” He then proceeded with much grace, “let’s get together first and then we can discuss this other possible tutor”. I must admit I was immediately impressed. Nathaniel had no idea that TEF Scholarship program would be launched this summer.

Nathaniel tutoring math to a 6th grader

We will need help in meeting the goals of the two candidates. (The second candidate will be revealed at the next post). We want these young scholars to be supported in their educational dreams. Here in the states they have us as resources. We would be disappointed if we were not able to reach our goal as they are affected. They deserve our commitment to assist them in reaching their dreams for higher education, like everyone else within the US, who aspires academically. We at TEF are doing our part. Please be a part of history with us. To donate, make checks payable to The Ethiopian Foundation, P.O. Box 2331, Fairfax, VA 22031.

The Ethiopian Foundation (TEF) Team
Petrina (Hirut), Micheal, Lulit, Deju, Ermias, Teru, Solomon, Tesfa

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