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This post will be highlighting the Ethiopian Dream Center in Massachusetts. I spoke to the Founder and Director Mesfin H. Beshir two weeks ago and I was laughing one moment and moved by his words the next moment. He is a very deep individual and his conversation was seasoned with much humor. After getting to know each other, Mesfin eagerly began the interview. He was born in Shashamane Ethiopia, home of the Rastafarian. In Mesfin’s words, beginning in 1930, when Ethiopian King Haile Selassie was fighting against the Italians and Germans, it was Jamaicans who volunteered to fight on the side of Ethiopia. King Haile Selassie was grateful to Jamaica for their hearts of service and rewarded them with land in Ethiopia now known as Shashamane. Mesfin is just one of many children born from this era and out of Emperor Selassie’s gift of territory. He grew up poor but had the opportunity to be educated by Catholic Missionaries and attend boarding school. He was even a refugee in Kenya for two years.

Today, Mesfin has lived in Massachusetts for twenty years where he studied electrical Engineering at the University. He says he has seen a lot of good and bad, as well as a lot of uneducated children. Mesfin has many adopted sayings and phrases of his own. His Mission with the Dream Center is to love all Africans. He continually made statements like, “Let’s stop the politics and bickering and give love”. “No cultural or tribal differences should exist, we should have love for all Africa.” These same themes are promoted and woven throughout the center as he and his team of nine (members/volunteers) serve about 300 children in Worchester. The center is made up of a variety of cultures such as Ethiopian, Eritrean, Somalis and Burundis and more. He says he loves to quote John Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you but rather what you can do for your country”. The Ethiopian Dream Center focuses on Education but also the health care system back home.

Mesfin is on fire in helping the center to grow. I loved his energy. You can learn more and even give to the Dream Center by visiting their web and blog site posted below. I learned so much from him and consider him as well as my other programs of interest, dear partners in humanitarian efforts. In my departing exchange with Mesfin, I will leave you with his words. “Let’s-Build-Ethiopia!”

The Ethiopian Dream Center
EDC Blog
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This was a footnote from an email recently sent to me by EDC:
The Ethiopian dream center inc. has been in existence since April 2009. We have been working diligently and eagerly towards our goal of building an elementary school in Ethiopia. Recently we have reached a milestone by completing the tedious process of contacting the US state department and Ethiopian embassy to complete all of the required legal documents so that our project may begin. This has allowed us a chance to focus on the actual project that we are so excited to see come to fruition. Because this is such a vital time in our organization we would like to extend an invitation to join us in our future endeavors. We would also like to take this time to expand our number of members/volunteers. This is especially important because as we go forward with our project we will need more people to involve and support us.

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