Humble Beginnings

Before The Ethiopian Foundation (TEF), there was Our Trip to Ethiopia, a goggle blog to journal my families trips to Ethiopia, for humanitarian giving. Before Our Trip to Ethiopia there was Hope Worldwide, an organization which my husband an I worked for, to help the poor in East Africa. We took on many projects but our priority was the Local Orphanage in peaceful Somailand. We worked night and day for 2 years meeting the needs of those less fortunate. Today, we fundraise to send monetary gifts to mothers and children in Ethiopia. We have been giving face to face for the last two years. Our trip to Ethiopia wanted to make our effort more feasible to Ethiopians in the US. Thus we founded, The Ethiopian Foundation in October 2010, giving to children and families here within the US as well.

As the co-founder of TEF, I am from a West Indian-British Background and grew up with first hand experience of being in need. My motivation comes from my experience as a minor but also from my experience abroad. I have watched as I held a baby one Friday afternoon and the next Friday passed away as there was no insulin in the entire country. I watched as an orphanage of 200 children ran out of food and had to go hunting in the middle of the night for a twenty four hour food supply. I have witnessed human beings locked up as there was no mental health medication available. I have seen 1st year college students come to school for two weeks and then asked to leave as they could not pay for tuition. In Ethiopia I witnessed children in need of adoption as they are orphans and mothers who are learning a trade to provide for their babies. Husbands and wives separated due to visa permits, trying to survive here in the US with their families. Making attempts to transition to this new culture and find work suitable for keeping nutritious food on the table.

I have done my research and am ready to provide support within the community for scholarships, crisis intervention and training. In a few days I will be presenting on other organizations who have inspired me to make a difference, such as mentors, partners in purpose, and fellow non-profits who inspire and provide encouragement. They are all necessary for any thriving organization which helps people to succeed. You can see more of our history at our blog site “Our Trip to Ethiopia“. Thank you for your support.

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